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Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours. 26 February 2020
March 15, 2016
Published on tags: Viking Racing World Sport Series


Viking Racing reveal their driver lineup, livery and new team logo for the upcoming World Sport Series, getting underway in Sochi later this week.

Morten Wernersen, manager of Viking Racing, has called the press to Copenhagen, Denmark, yet again.

"Hello everyone, happy you all could make it, I'm delighted to be able to present to you an all new driver lineup for our WSS campaign, a new logo and a somewhat reused livery.

Well let's get straight to it, our drivers for this years WSS campaign will be Carlos Fernandez from Spain and Aurelio Russo from Italy."

The drivers had little to say but commented:

Carlos: I only want to do a good job with my mate Aurelio Russo, That's all. Wednesday will start the fest! :D

Aurelio: I'm just hoping to score some good points and maybe a few podiums for the team, as well as helping my team-mate as much as I can.

Lastly Wernersen comments a bit on the ambitions for the season and the new livery/logo.

"First of all I'm very happy with the signing of Carlos and Aurelio, they have both shown good pace and I hope they can bring in some good results for the team. With such a strong line up the expectations for the season is high, if we can keep both drivers throughout the season I think a top 5 in the drivers or teams standings is quite possible.

Wenersen went on to comment on the new Logo and Livery:

For this year we've decided to make a new logo as well, to match the colours of the WSS car. Once again it features a Viking helmet and some stripes in gold, cos you can never have enough stripes and gold! Moving to the livery itself, where the logo is a prominent part of the paint scheme shown on the sides of the car. It is pretty much a reuse from last years car but, apart from the new logo, also features a red on white strip right down the middle, to make it look fast and cool!

That concludes our presentation, See you in Sochi!

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