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Silverstone Circuit. 19 June 2018
June 01, 2016
Published on tags: Potentia Wauters Automotive


Following the departure of manufacturer Midnight Motorsport, the Belgian team will continue production of the power units until the end of the 2016 season.
Wauters Automotive, one of the three remaining teams to be supplied with Potentia engines, will take up the mantle from Midnight as they continue development of the engines, a decision taken after discussion with the GPVWC Management and fellow Potentia-powered teams Torrent Motorsport and Kernow Sport.

The Belgian team, in its maiden Superleague season, will accrue eRD points through their participation in the test sessions and will develop the engines, ensuring the three teams still supplied by Potentia do not miss out in terms of competitiveness.

The GPVWC Management also confirmed that, after the end of the 2016 season, the vacant engine manufacturer slot will be opened up for applications of interest from other Superleague teams, with at least two having already expressed their desire to become manufacturers.

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