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Yas Marina Circuit. 19 February 2020
June 01, 2016
Published on tags: Vintage Series


The GPVWC Management announced the cancellation of the historical series after three rounds, marking the end of the rFactor 1 era in GPVWC.
The Vintage Series had been introduced to offer a lifeline to the members of the community unable to make the switch to rFactor 2; however, six months into the year, the number of beneficiaries had reduced enough for the Administration and Management to take the decision.

After three races, two of them won by Sandeep Chodha and one by Raunu Muru, the GPVWC Management feels the Vintage Series achieved its objectives and served its purpose.

"The Community is an important and integral part of what GPVWC is," said Admin Will Ponissi. "We felt it was important not to leave the rF1-only user behind, and we were able to offer them an opportunity to keep competing. Now, as the Community has fully embraced rF2, it's time to let its predecessor go."

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