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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
October 14, 2016
Published on tags: General SR Race Network


A new partnership between GPVWC and the simracing media project will bring more exposure to the community and its premium competitions in the digital realm.
GPVWC are delighted to announce a new partnership with SR Race Network, aimed at developing a more engaging presence in social media and across other digital platforms.

The new partners, whose aim is to give more popularity to simracing communities in the world through application of their know-how, will be onboard through the appointment of Simone Marchetti as the new Social Media manager of GPVWC.

The partnership will be set up over the final part of 2016 and extend to 2017 and beyond, setting a long-term development strategy for the community at a very exciting time for simracing.

Simone Marchetti, SR Race Network: "SR Race Network's goal is to give more popularity to all the simracing communities in the world. We are a media project, totally focused in the world of simracing. Racing leagues promotion, reports on competition in several parts of the world and social media management, are our focus."

Will Ponissi, GPVWC: "It is a pleasure to welcome Simone and SR Race Networks to our community. Our organisations share a passion for simracing and the drive to reach out to a new audience. This is a crucial step in the growth of the GPVWC into an ever more sustainable entity and I am looking forward to seeing this relationship develop."

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