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Yas Marina Circuit. 19 February 2020
March 05, 2017


The World Champions will race in an elegant metallic blue in the new season as Gerdoner Designs impresses with an innovative vision.
The 2017 challenger that will drive World Champion David Fidock and Florian Geier is a departure from the traditional white-based liveries of the Norwegian team, while retaining its traditional palette of blue and orange.

Will Ponissi, Team Owner: "It's a new vision for the team and a look we can be proud of. Christian Zoerner and Gerdoner Designs have been outstanding once more and we are grateful for another brilliant livery. Hopefully, it will be as successful as its predecessor in 2016."

Christian Zoerner, lead livery designer: "I am very honoured to design the Nordsjoen livery for the second year running - even more so, considering that the team gave me almost complete creative freedom. Will's only request was that he wanted less white than last year. With that in mind, I opted for a more understated design in the classic Nordsjoen blue this year. The orange highlights really add to design and will hopefully make the cars stand out in a grid full of great designs. I wish the team all the best in the upcoming season - and don't scratch the paint!"

The occasion also marked the official launch of the 2017 season for the team.

David Fidock, #1: "I'm really looking forward to the season ahead, with its new cars and tyres throwing lots of variables into racing. Of course, I will be looking to better my wins tally from last season: coming away with two wins with the car we had was a big disappointment from my side. Mainly, though, repeating the title for myself and the team is the main target. It's less then a week to go before the lights go out and I can't wait to get going."

Florian Geier, #27: "I think the upcoming season is going to be very interesting in every aspect. The new cars look very good and are nice to drive too, so the racing should be good fun. My individual goal is clear: my teammate and 23 others might disagree, but anything short of the Drivers' title would be seen as a lost year and a failed opportunity. Other than that, the most important task at hand is to retain the Constructors' title. I can't wait for next Thursday!"

David Jundt, Tester: "Testing has been smooth sailing for the most part with the exception of the first test at Imola, where a slight hiccup added some more kilometers to the tally, but nothing serious. The cars seem to handle better than last season which will probably be a boost for me. I am expecting to be up to pace in the testing sessions prior to the races and look to be scoring the most mileage with possibly the best time."

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