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Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours. 25 February 2020
June 11, 2017


The league veteran lines up for his 200th grand prix start in the league this week at Silverstone

200 races in GPVWC. Not many drivers can say they have achieved this result. One of the drivers going over the magical number is Roy Schroten, veteran at GPVWC. We sat down and talked to the Dutch Formula Challenge driver and Supercup team owner.

"When I joined in 2011, I really had a lot to learn. I hadn't done much online racing before, but GPVWC looked very promising. I already knew some drivers and decided to try it out. The first race in Supercup at Istanbul went rather well, but as it was only a temporary seat at triple-Double, together with my brother we created Racing Team Schroten. The remainder of 2011 saw a big learning curve. I still remember my fight of the Dutchies at Zandvoort with Hoekstra!

In 2012, I got more and more involved with the league and its great community, but was also able to score my first podium at Istanbul, where it all once started, and my first pole at Monza. I have to thank my team mate for the slipstream! 5th in the championship with Synergetic was an amazing result and promised for more to come. Another year in Supercup with the move to CSG Racing resulted however in a challenging year where again a lot of experience was gained, yet internet issues proved a difficult season. A late emergency role in Superleague introduced me into the world of the pinnacle of simracing; a dream came true.

My Superleague career at Woods Racing has been one of several years, and while I fully enjoyed myself at the team, there were always challenges, battling at the rather end of the field. Still, I feel like those were a few of my best years being able to score points rather consistently and improving every season. The end of the 2016 season saw a few top-notch results, and the teamwork with Redshaw has been one of the best!

The step back to Formula Challenge has been a rather interesting one. The nature of the short distance races in simplified cars have put me back at the raw basics of racing, and I've been enjoying myself pretty much. My first win has been an amazing experience, and the battling with the likes of Mlynek, Klont and Shepherd are very enjoyable and challenging. Rienk is helping me to push for the best results possible and is an incredible force this year. The season is going way better than I expected at first, but it is still a long way to go. I am looking for a couple of wins along the way still!

I want to thank everybody for the great community atmosphere in the league as well. I have met some amazing people and made lifetime friendships. The meetings after every year are an amazing experience and have brought the league too many beautiful places. I am looking forward to the next 200 races! Thank you all."

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