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Circuit Paul Ricard. 03 June 2020
December 11, 2017


Following their successful Formula Challenge application, CM-Tech Racing are proudly presenting their line-up for the 2018 season.

CM-Tech Racing carefully selected a few candidates, as they want to challenge for the top positions in the championship. Finally, two talented drivers were selected to compete for the team in the upcoming season. Their names are Sandeep Chodha, a race winner and experienced GPVWC driver, and Daniele Brambilla, who debuted in Formula Challenge last year and showed promising pace.

The team and drivers are looking forward to the challenge next year and were asked about their expectations for next year.

Sandeep Chodha (Driver):
"I've come back to Formula Challenge due to losing confidence with my driving last season, I hope this season I can regain some speed to go along with some podiums this year. I would like to thank Wopke for giving me this opportunity and look forward to working with my new team mate."

Daniele Brambilla (Driver):
"Last season I joined Formula Challenge halfway through, I had no idea how the car and how the competition would have been; looking back now, I have to say it's been a pleasant experience, with all its up's and down's, off-days and what not, and I'm glad to have spent my time practicing for such a competitive and well organized league. I've dedicated many years of my life to simracing, to the point I know you have to start from the back to get up: sure, I would have loved to move up at least one step in categories, but fate turned out to have different plans for me. Fate had it I was to join CM-Tech this season, with big hopes for the future. We're gonna work hard, as we all know how much bigger and recognised simracing is becoming. Don't get fooled by the appearances, we're here to prove our ground. I can't say much of my team-mate Sandeep Chodha, all I wish for us is to get a strong bond going pretty quickly; in the end, being quick is the main objective in the motorsport environment, isn't it?
I don't think I have to prove anything to anybody: I know what I'm worth, and soon you all will see it too."

Wopke Hoekstra (Team Owner):
"I am very excited that we have managed to get hold of these two drivers. Both of them are very quick so it will be very nice to see how they will do in the upcoming season! We are hoping to be one of the better teams, and want to make sure that we are the best new team. With the signing of Sandeep and Daniele, I believe we have all the ingredients we need to become the best."

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