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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
January 15, 2018
Published on tags: Valiant Superleague


ACR Zakspeed to continue the success of the Valiant engine brand.

The iconic name of ACR Zakspeed are confident on continuing the Valiant brands success into 2018. Valiant over the past three seasons have proven the popular engine of choice for the majority of the grid and the results justify the decision.

Of all the current manufacturers Valiant has the:

Most wins (31)
Most podiums (81)
Most pole positions (32)
Most fastest laps (29)
Most points (3525)
and most points finishes (380)

In fact even though Valiant has only been around three seasons it has the most points finishes of any engine manufacturer in the whole long history of GPVWC.

"We at Valiant are very proud of our results in our short history and we believe they speak for themselves. In previous years we have been busy in meetings with potential customer teams at this time of year, but for 2018 we have simply set a fair price and welcome any teams who would like to work closely with us to bring success to their team" Mike Pitman co-owner of ACR Zakspeed

Bidding opens tomorrow in what is one of the most unknown engine markets in years

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