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Yas Marina Circuit. 19 February 2020
January 22, 2018


Team Hoekstra Underdog are ready to make the coming season great again as they prepare for their Supercup debut.

Team manager Rienk Hoekstra believes it will be a great season again even as the team enters uncharted territories in the Supercup

"It took a while before the line-up could be confirmed for THUnderdog, I wanted to sign Roy Schroten first, before making any other decisions," team manager Rienk said.

"In our first year at GPVWC in Formula Challenge, Roy almost single-handedly lifted the team to the top three, so he was very welcome to stay with the team.

"However, we felt Roy needed some time to think about what he wanted and could do in the coming season. I gave him that time, which was nerve-racking, because I heard of other teams wanting to sign him. Luckily at the beginning of 2018 he came back to me. After some concessions regarding technical stuff, he signed the new contract. From then on it was a search for someone that could compete with him as a driver. One that could make him better, pushing him to his limits.

"There were a few other names which would have done well in the team, but with Niranjan Kumar we signed a very good driver, well known by Roy. They already have been teammates before and are even teammates now in another league. So overall I am very pleased with both of them as THUnderdog drivers."

Roy Schroten himself also was pleased to stay at THUnderdog, seeing especially the step to Supercup as a real treat and a reason for re-signing;

"For me personally, returning to Supercup is a true homecoming. My GPVWC debut back in 2011 was in this series with Triple-Double, and later with RTS. After my step up the ladder in 2014 to Superleague, I had to say goodbye to the beloved series. After my back-to-basics season last year, it feels good to make the step back up to Supercup this year. I had a lot of thought about where to go this year as I had various offers from all three career ladder series, but in the end the pairing with THUnderdog deserves a second chapter.

"Rienk is an amazing guy to be around and he understands my personal schedule besides simracing which unfortunately might affect my consistent presence this season. He helped me a lot over the last year and to take up the step to Supercup together with him feels like the best decision. For the season, I am aiming for top 10 finishes right from the start of the season. As we all know, Supercup is a big step up from Formula Challenge, but I am sure with some hard work we can definitely achieve our goals. Being informed over the last few days that Niranjan would be my teammate is amazing as we go back a long time and have even won a championship before. I cannot wait for the season to start and to beat my mates [Gerard and Patrick] in the RTS cars!"

Niranjan Kumar was also delighted he was given the chance to prove his driving skills;

"First of all I would like to thank team boss Rienk Hoekstra for giving me this opportunity and showing confidence in me as I return to GPVWC competition after a years absence, I am honored!

"I am also looking forward very much to work with my illustrious team mate, Roy Schroten. I know we work well together so it will be a good thing for the team, since Roy is a good benchmark to try and match. I have been working hard on my consistency and I will continue to do so through the season. My immediate goal is to finish in the points in every race and push from there step by step in this highly competitive series. It's going to be a big challenge for THeUnderdog, but we will be working hard to rise up to the challenge!"

Team manager Rienk Hoekstra left us with the words: "We are aiming for a top 10 place in team standings. Our hope is to make this season 'great again' and like last year to be in the top of the top ten at the end of the season!"

Only time will tell!

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