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Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. 22 July 2020
January 30, 2018


With the start of pre-season testing just around the corner, newly promoted Superleague team Measuric Racing have announced their driver line-up.

Following the motto: "Never change a winning team", the team have decided to extend the contracts of both the main drivers who helped the team climb to glory in the Supercup last year. Besides Dino Paolini and Wopke Hoekstra, Ben Willis will be the man behind the development as he joins the team as the reserve driver. The drivers were asked about their reasons to move up to Superleague and how they look forward to the upcoming season.

Dino Paolini (#16):
"Following our good season last year in Supercup, it was time for something new. Being able to stay with my Supercup team made the choice easy to challenge in Superleague. I got some experience last year thanks to Hawkeye and I got the impression that it should be a worthwhile undertaking to go for a full time SL drive. It will be hard to challenge for top 10 finishes, but it is a solid goal to have regardless.

"I hope for a continuation of the good teamwork with Wopke and for some fun times on track."

Wopke Hoekstra (#55):

"After spending the past two and a half years in Supercup, I felt it was time to move up to Superleague. Luckily, Measuric was also moving up after we became the constructors' champions. This meant that I could stay with the same team and that really made my choice to move up a lot easier. I have been working with Mike since 2015 and with Dino since the beginning of 2016. We make a really good team. The addition of Ben as the reserve driver is a very good one, as I believe that Ben has a lot of knowledge and that he is very trustworthy, which means that he will make sure to get the most out of the car for each test session.

"The 2018 Superleague season will be the toughest competition that I have ever raced in. Our competitors are all very quick and most of them are very experienced within the Superleague as well. Despite that, I believe that Dino and I will be able to fight for solid points from the start and I think that our long term relationship as a team will help us a lot. Obviously it is always my aim to win races and championships, but I do realize that sometimes that is too much to ask. If I could manage to get a podium during one of the races this year I would be a very happy man, we have to wait until after the pre-season testing to see where we exactly are."

Ben Willis (Reserve):
"It is a pleasure to be working with Measuric for 2018 as their reserve driver. When Mike spoke to me in person at GPVWC Day, outlining his vision and ideas, I instantly knew I wanted to work with him. Equally, it gives me a continued opportunity to experience all the intricacies of Superleague, not only from driving, but also from helping behind the scenes during the bidding process. Indeed, it is here where I feel we have done strongly already, especially in terms of sponsors as well as opting to work with Talos. As for 2018, I feel we have a great basis to work from, and i am confident that Wopke and Dino can produce some great results. I look forward to working with everyone here!"

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