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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
February 01, 2018
Published on tags: Superleague General


The most eagerly-anticipated season in GPVWC history sees its first bit of official action as teams hit the track in 2018 machinery for the first time.
When the clock strikes 10am, the 14 teams competing in this year's Superleague will finally be able to get back to action after a long winter of preparations.

It's been an off-season full of changes. Reigning World Champion Rudy van Buren, now a McLaren simulator driver and Race of Champions competitor, has put his crown up for contention and the grid will not be short of claimants to the title. There has been an influx of new drivers - making for a grid filled with incredibly promising rookies ready to make their names in the flagship series at GPVWC.

Team champions Vod:Bul make their first ever official appearance in their new guise as ACR Zakspeed, while the Superleague welcomes a cohort of new outfits featuring Supercup promotions and overall debutants.

The test will be an early occasion to see the racers in action, but way too early a time to try and draw any conclusion about the true balance of power within the Superleague. Front-runners are known to sandbag and teams, still getting to grips with the new machinery, will concentrate on getting their testing programmes right.

And yet, it's never too early to steal a march on your rivals - R&D opens in just 13 days...

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