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Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours. 26 February 2020
February 14, 2018


Last year's FC championship-winning team from Switzerland finally lays it's cards on the table briefly before the first of two pre-season tests, setting its eyes on the new "challenge" ahead.

It was in the afternoon when the roller shutters were opened and the team firstly reveiled its pre-season test livery, driven by American evaluation driver Annita Kelly as the car was presented to the media. The livery retained most of the basic design patterns that its FC sibling displayed late in the season last year while it claims to be the #topsnek.

David Jundt, Team Owner: "I'd like to thank Matthew Allington for the impetus on the test livery and Annita Kelly for being our third driver at the first test event. We hope she'll be able to gain some valuable experience and impressions while taking part with us.

"Anyway, I'll make it short this time: the two of them finished the last Supercup event of 2017 with a 1-2 at Abu Dhabi.

"I am very glad to announce the retention of FC ace Maciej Mlynek, returning for another season with us.

"At the same time, we're also pleased to report the signing of established Supercup frontrunner Stephane Rouault!

"We believe this to be a very competitive line-up and think they'll harmonise well with each other."

Maciej Mlynek: "I am very happy that I could stay with my Formula Challenge team and move with them up to Supercup. After winning the FC championship in 2017 I would like to perform just as well in SC, but I know there are even quicker drivers than in FC. I want to fight for both driver and team championship, but we will see what the future brings. I also think we will be having good teamwork between Stephane and me to help each other achieving the best possible results."

Stephane Rouault: "Last season did not go the way we planned. I struggled a lot with that car and it really stayed that way the whole season. I started looking for ways to improve my knowledge on how to set up a car. After some chats with Michi Hoyer it became apparent to me that there is a lot of knowledge within ACR, so I knew what I wanted to do. I started talking to Mike Pitman about ACR and in the end he gave me the opportunity to join the team. Of course then we needed a seat in GPVWC, so we started looking for one. I'm very happy David wanted to take us on for Scuderia Basilea in Supercup."

Expectations about 2018: "It feels like I have unfinished business in Supercup. I did not want to make the step up to Superleague yet, because it feels like I failed in Supercup last year. For this year I want to get a full understanding of the car. If I can get it to work the way I want it to, I'm sure the results will come. Working together with a great driver like Maciej will be great. He has been really fast ever since he joined GPVWC. Looking forward to this season!"

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