February 23, 2018


MadCape's Swede tops the final testing session ahead of the start of the season, but are the front-runners still just hiding their hand?
The engines are quiet, packed away on their trolley as they're loaded on cargo pallets. The pit-lane is now empty and the remaining teams in the Superleague paddock are packing - pre-season is over.

The final testing session of the year saw Tobias Olsson topping the timesheets in his MadCape. The Swede was a convincing 0.2s faster than second-placed Fran Lopez, on Hawkeye, with EVAL's Rait Kilk completing the top three.

As the last of four tests end, we are left wondering what the real performance values will be once we hit the track next, in Melbourne - when it really matters.

Will the early pace-setters - Wauters, now Edge, with Jarl Teien, Lopez and Ricardo Costa, even Storm's Liam de Waal - confirm their form? Or will the usual suspects - the ACR Zakspeeds, the Nordsjoens of this world - wake up from their winter slumber and return to the front?

It will be only a week until we know...

Full test results: here.

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