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Hockenheimring. 24 July 2019
November 03, 2018
Published on tags: Nordsjoen Racing Superleague


After 17 seasons filled with success, the Norwegian team closes its doors, leaving behind a great legacy in the GPVWC.
Thursday, November 8th will be a day few expected to ever come. It will be the day one of the GPVWC's most prestigious names will take to the track in the Superleague for the final time after 17 years of honoured service - the day the history of Nordsjoen Racing comes to an end.

The team announced the news in a short message, also highlighting the one-off livery the team will be running in the final event - a brilliant tribute by Christian Zoerner to the championship-winning 2016 car.

"It's by all means the end of an era," said Team Principal Will Ponissi. "Nordsjoen Racing means a lot to me and to GPVWC as a whole and it'll be very weird not to be on the grid at the start of the season."

In 17 years, the team has accumulated great success, winning four constructors' championships, four drivers' titles and a staggering 62 Superleague races. Born out of the ashes of TGM in 2002 and first called EIRE, the team raced under the Nordsjoen Racing name between 2008 and 2018, winning championships with Joe Consiglio (2009 and 2011), Janne Tanskanen (2010) and David Fidock (2016).

"I would like to thank all the drivers, staff and fans of Nordsjoen Racing - the people that made this team what it is today. It's been an honour to lead the team over the years, but most importantly, it has been great fun to do so," said Ponissi.

"There will be new teams coming to the fore and now it is the right time to take a step back and let new talent show what they can do. I am proud of the part we played in writing history in the GPVWC and we'll obviously keep following the best open-wheel series on rFactor 2," concluded the team principal.

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