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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
January 13, 2019
Published on tags: 2019 Superleague Reventon


The final manufacturer slot will be taken by Edonis Engineering, who will start the production of their new power unit soon.
It was indeed a case of third-time lucky for Edonis, who had applied for a manufacturer position twice in the past, each time being overlooked for selection.

The Dutch team will now begin their building process, in order to be fully ready by the start of the season. They will join a wide-open market, following the departure of Martex, the brand that supplied the highest number of teams in 2018.

Menno Klont, Edonis Engineering: "We from Edonis Engineering are very pleased to announce that we successfully have been awarded with the Superleague engine works deal for 2019 onwards. We would like to thank the GPVWC administration for selecting us.

"We are joining three very strong engine manufacturers in Valiant, Talos, Quasar. Our aim for our first year is to compete with them and show that we more than capable to make a strong engine. We believe that we can make a engine that will be on the highest and our personal ambition is to be the benchmark engine."

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