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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
November 17, 2000
Published on tags: Superleague
First off Congratulations to Peter Visscher on his grid position for the Silverstone race, (the best position this year for the team).

At the end of the session Peter said "We had the car setup just right for me and I found the sweet spot in mid session, at first the back end slid out too much and there was some slight understeer but we changed the setup with just three laps left of my allotted 12 and that seemed to do the trick".

Larry Karam suffered a few problems with the car and didn't get his full 12 laps in due to an engine fail halfway round the lap where he had to stay for quite a while till we were able to get him transported back to the pits to use the spare car. Larry who suffered a broken leg while testing F1600 in Canada only had his cast removed the day before the Qualifying Session at Silverstone and still finds walking a bit difficult so unfortunately finished in 15th place, but Dotty Doris (the Team Pyisio) promised to take Larry in hand and cure all his ails! Doris who was last years Womens Institute Shot Putting Champion said "Larry is a strong young man so I'm sure I can help him back to 100% fitness in my new torture…..I mean Pysiotherapy Suite at the team H.Q.".

Up to now the team has been a midfield runner but recent massive funding (Due to a lottery win ..3 numbers) has promised a new much-improved chassis for 2001. The new Chassis is due for wind tunnel testing at the Teams new facility at the kwikfit Centre in Birmingham (Just behind the Bingo Hall in the High Street next to Madam Suzettes Massage Parlour).

We have two great Drivers so it is up to the team to provide the best possible car we can to make an attempt at the 2001 Constructors Championship and we feel that with the signing of our new Chief Designers Bodgeit and Scarper we could be Knocking at the Championship doors this time around.

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