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Circuit of the Americas. 30 September 2020

The Grand Prix Virtual World Championship has the privilege to work with some fantastic partners which help us deliver the best simracing experience on the net. Whether it is our valued sponsors, offering support for our Championships and events, or a technical supplier providing the technologies to bring you this website and its services, the GPVWC owes a debt of gratitude to the companies and people who have been supporting us.

At GPVWC, we believe in a new, professional side of Simracing - one that brings together people and companies, creating benefit for all involved. Partnering a simracing community is a cost-effective, direct way to promote your brand which offers infinite scope for customization - bringing you the flexibility you need to show your brand.

To learn more about GPVWC Partnership Opportunities, please download our latest Partners Prospectus.

In the current season, GPVWC are delighted to be working with the following companies.

Official Sponsors


A new independent channel, SimNews.TV, has won the rights to bring unprecedented analysis to the world of GPVWC. Away from the track, the new platform will deliver regular programming covering the competitions, personalities and talking points bringing the GPVWC to life.

With a varied mix of videos and podcasts, SimNews.TV's opening offering will feature four scheduled shows, starting in early 2017, with more set to join the fray in the future.

The channel will publish on Facebook ( and YouTube and will feature some of the brightest personalities in simracing broadcast.

SR Race NetworkSR Race Network:

SR Race Network's goal is to give more popularity to all the simracing communities in the world. We are a media project, totally focused in the world of simracing. Racing leagues promotion, reports on competition in several parts of the world and social media management, are our focus.


Technical Suppliers

RaceViewRaceView:RaceView is an application that can be used for your dedicated race servers. It provides realtime session and driver information through the LiveTiming feature. Driver information includes split times, best times and even tire compound. You can view previous session results, and see the best times that have been driven on the server's tracks.


SimNews.TVSR Race NetworkRaceView