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The GPVWC Superleague World Drivers' Championship (WDC) is awarded to the most successful Superleague racing car driver over a season, as determined by a points system based on Grand Prix results. The Drivers' Championship was first awarded in 2000, to Jason Endean. The first driver to win multiple Championships was Mikko Jakonen, in 2002 and 2004. The current Drivers' Champion is David Fidock, who won his first World Championship in 2014.

The GPVWC does not officially declare the Champion until the end of the season, but a driver is said to have "clinched" the Championship after it is no longer possible for another to obtain more points than he has, even if the former driver were to not compete in the remaining races of the season, and the latter to score the maximum number of points possible. The Drivers' Championship has been won in the final race of the season two times in the 11 seasons it has been awarded. The earliest in a season that the Drivers' Championship has been clinched was in 2010, when Janne Tanskanen secured the title with four races remaining.

Overall, nine different drivers have won the Championship, with Australian Steve Elencevski holding the record for most titles, at three. Elencevski also holds the record for most consecutive Drivers' Championships, winning all three of his titles from 2005 to 2007. Finland, Germany and Australia have produced the most World Championship winning drivers with two. Only four drivers have won the championship on multiple occasions - Steve Elencevski, Mikko Jakonen, Joe Consiglio and Lukas Euler. The GPVWC has crowned its first British WDC in 2014 with David Fidock finishing every Race on the Podium.

Of the ten drivers to win the World Championship, only Lukas Euler for CSG Racing and David Fidock for Hawkeye Racing are set to regain/defend the Superleauge Title in the 2015 Season.

By season

Season Driver Team Engine Tyres Poles Wins Podiums Fastest Laps Points
2000 New Zealand Jason Endean England BA Racing Mercedes B 1 6 8 5 154
2001 Germany Christian Neumann Australia CVRT BMW B 1 2 2 1 52
2002 Finland Mikko Jakonen England Mapes-VO* Honda M 1 5 9 5 186
2003 Australia Shiro Ryong Australia SCUM Holden B 1 3 12 1 109
2004 Finland Mikko Jakonen England Mapes-VO* Honda M 0 3 14 2 121
2005 Australia Steve Elencevski Finland FinOz Racing Ferrari M 4 7 14 2 126
2006 Australia Steve Elencevski Finland FinOz Racing* Ferrari M 8 7 18 6 154
2007 Australia Steve Elencevski Finland FinOz Racing* Ferrari B 6 8 12 7 110
2008 Romania Laurentiu Albu Romania Belami Racing Renault B 4 6 14 1 113
2009 Malta Joe Consiglio Italy Nordsjøen Racing* Honda B 7 6 12 3 104
2010 Finland Janne Tanskanen Italy Nordsjøen Racing* Mercedes B 15 14 17 11 232
2011 Malta Joe Consiglio Italy Nordsjøen Racing Mercedes P 11 10 15 10 230
2012 Germany Lukas Euler England Midnight Motorsport* Ferrari P 15 9 15 11 208
2013 Germany Lukas Euler England Midnight Motorsport* Potentia G 9 6 15 5 335
2014 England David Fidock England CSG Racing* Potentia G 3 5 17 4 345
2015 Germany Philipp Puschke England Vod:Bul Racing Valliant G 5 6 12 5 300
2016 England David Fidock Norway Nordsjoen Racing* Martex G 4 2 10 1 282

* Indicates the team also won the Constructors' Championship
The 2001 season saw only 3 of 17 rounds contested.